Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gasan Beach Resorts, Marinduque, Philippines

All barangays in Gasan are bounded in part by the coastline except the mountainous barangays and thus, this is where most of the beach resorts in Marinduque are located. Gasan town's shores facing west is situated perfectly by the sea with a magnificent view of the sunset over the horizon in a long stretch of white, sandy beach. A perfect place for snorkeling, island-hopping, scuba diving and other water sports.

Club Marinduque & Resorts is located in Pingan, Gasan. Offers airconditioned beachfront cottages, swimming pool, dining facilities, food catering, sports and recreational activities, and conference and meeting facilities.

Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 8341431
+(63)(02) 7294486
+(63)(0917) 5335626

Katala Beach Resort is a quiet resort located four km south of Gasan, in Bacong Bacong. Provides a breathtaking view of the offshore Tres Reyes Islands. It is a big, two-storey building with good rooms and a restaurant.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 333 7117

Casa de Azul is located in Banuyo, seven km east of Gasan. They offer generous, well-furnished rooms in a private holiday home by the sea with full board available. They also have their own swimming pool.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 3341020

Sunset Garden Resort in Pangi, is located two km north of Gasan. They have reasonably priced cottages with verandas, surrounded by friendly grounds with lots of plants. They also have a restaurant and a tennis court.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 3421004

Southwest Bay Resort is in Bacong Bacong, three km south of Gasan. They have very spacious cottages with kitchen, refrigerator, and a big veranda. Highly recommended for big families.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 3337220

Friday, January 25, 2008

Poctoy White Beach, Marinduque, Philippines

Poctoy Beach
The scenic, 1-km long, fine white-sand White Beach in Poctoy near Torrijos is probably the best beach in Marinduque and is one of the most frequented beaches in the province. It has a magnificent view of Mt. Malindig, and the outlaying coral reef with it's clean and clear waters is very good for snorkeling.

Marilou's Private Beach House is located on a small, very quiet private beach about 500 m east of White Beach. They offer spacious and friendly rooms with bathrooms. There is also a kitchen with gas cooker and refrigerator at one's disposal for preparing meals.

Cellphone: +(63)(0919) 4850531

Jovita's Paradise in Cagpo is located three km north-east of White Beach, about 500 m off the road. It offers spacious rooms in a two-storey, concrete building. It is a well-kept place with a fine sand beach.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 3211260

Beach Club Cagpo is situated right on the 300 meters of white-sand private beach. A restaurant serves European and Filipino Dishes. There is a private van available if you wish to be picked up at the port. The cottages are airconditioned and have private bathrooms. You also have the choice of making your own meals in their outdoor kitchen.

+(63)(0921) 9932537
+(63)(0928) 7899276

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Boac Beach Resorts, Marinduque, Philippines

There are several beach resorts along the road from Boac to Cawit, which is about eight km long. Even thou the beaches here in the western part of Marinduque are not tropical paradises(brown sand and stoney), the water is clean and crystal-clear.

3 E's Love Bay Beach Resort, Amoingon
Telephone: +(63)(042) 3321440

A & A Beach Resort, Laylay
Telephone: +(63)(042) 3322817

Blue Sea Beach Resort, Amoingon
Telephone: +(63)(042) 3321334

Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort, Amoingon
+(63)(042) 3321338
+(63)(042) 3321754
+(63)(0916) 9613365
+(63)(0916) 3906424

El Mannuel Beach Resort, Baraling
Telephone: +(63)(042) 3321305

Pyramid Beach Resort, Caganhao
Telephone: +(63)(042) 3321328

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tagbac Beach, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Lubang Island
On the western portion of the island of Lubang in Mindoro is Tagbac with it's five kilometers of coconut tree-lined, fine, white-sand beach. Tagbac is around 20 minutes from Lubang town proper. It is not fully developed so it is not very expensive to go there and is still relatively peaceful. There is no commercial beach resort information available at the time of this posting. You will have to find a family who will rent you a room.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Puraran Beach, Catanduanes, Philippines

Puraran Beach
A promising white-sand beach in the town of Baras, 30 km north-east of Virac. Surfers like to stay in Puraran for the excellent breakers 100 to 200 meters from the beach which usually start in the month of July. It is the home of the "Majestic" waves with its awesome long-barrel-type surf. Offshore waves are in their utmost shape during the months of August to September. There is a dangerously strong current near the beach and especially over the reef itself. Only when the water is calm is it worth snorkeling.

Puting Baybay Resort, Puraran
Cellphone: +(63)(0926) 7108711

Elena's Majestic Beach Resort, Puraran
Cellphone: +(63)(0919) 5581460

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bosdak Beach Resort, Catanduanes, Philippines

Virac Beach
Located in Magnesia del Sur, 12 km south-west of Virac. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this resort is for you. The resort covers a large area in a serene bay and has an inviting beautiful little sandy beach with a magnificent view of Mayon volcano from a distance. Among it's occupants were foreign dignitaries, the rich and famous, local and international tourists. The resort is complete with amenities like a swimming pool, a big restaurant and a bar.

Bosdak Beach Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0918) 4472822

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Igang Beach, Catanduanes, Philippines

Virac Beach
Located eight km south-west of Virac, the white-sand beach is very stony especially when the tide is out. The waves break on a coral reef some 200 meters from it's shores and is a haven for surfboarders and wind surfers. There are caves nearby and it's coral formations are ideal for spear fishing. Please keep in mind that not all areas of the beach is good for swimming.

Twin Rock Beach Resort is located along the beach and offers comfortable rooms. The resort also have it's own swimming pool and restaurant.

Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 5223738
+(63)(0918) 7361168
+(63)(0919) 4737822

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bacon Beach, Sorsogon, Philippines

Bacon Beach
The long stretch of fine black sand beach and clear blue waters is located in Caricaran, the Bacon District of Sorsogon City, just a 15-minute ride away from the center of the City. Along the shores are beachside cottages made from native materials that can be rented by beach-goers and picnickers. There are numerous beach resorts in the area, unfortunately, their contact numbers are not available.

Bacon Beach Resort & Dive Center in Caricaran, Bacon District, Sorsogon
Cellphone: +(63)(0919) 5822732

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rizal Beach, Sorsogon, Philippines

Rizal Beach
It is a long, broad beach located 5 km south of Gubat, Sorsogon. It is close to the turbulent San Bernardino Strait thus the big surfing waves that could thrill swimmers and most especially the surfers. The grey-sand beach itself is long and is at the center of a cove surrounding an extensive shoreline. Some say it is the best beach in Sorsogon and it is an ideal place for boating, swimming and beach combing.

Rizal Beach Resort Hotel in Gubat, provide cottages and basic rooms in a long, two-storey building. They have their own restaurant.

+(63)(056) 3111829
+(63)(056) 3111830
+(63)(056) 2111056
Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 6310153

Veramaris Resort have modest yet good quality and furnished rooms. The more expensive ones have a sea view and TV. They have their own restaurant.

+(63)(056) 3111825
+(63)(056) 2112457

Friday, January 04, 2008

Donsol Beach, Sorsogon, Philippines

Donsol Beach
The town of Donsol is a one hour drive either from Sorsogon or Legazpi City. It's brown sand beaches are a popular tourist destination because of the hundreds of whale sharks that congregate in it's muddy yet plankton-rich waters. It is nicknamed the "Whale Shark Capital of the World", with the largest number of recorded sightings of whale sharks anywhere in the world. Swimming with whale sharks was featured as the "Best Animal Encounter in Asia" by Time Magazine in 2004. Whale sharks can be seen all-year round except during typhoons, with presence peaking between February and May.

Woodland Beach Resort in Dancalan, Donsol
+(63)(0921) 9699544
+(63)(0918) 2315420

Amor Farm Beach Resort in Dancalan, Donsol
+(63)(056) 4113180
+(63)(056) 4111109
+(63)(0917) 6941687
+(63)(0917) 9682733
+(63)(0910) 4586140
+(63)(0910) 4762176
+(63)(0917) 8233802

Vitton Beach Resort in Dancalan, Donsol
+(63)(0927) 9126313
+(63)(0915) 4203285
+(63)(0917) 8501771

Casa Bianca Resort in Dancalan, Donsol
+(63)(0921) 3687066
+(63)(0906) 3099372
+(63)(0906) 9320457

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