Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bonbon Beach, Romblon, Philippines

Bonbon Beach
Located at Barangay Lonos, about four kilometers south-west from the town proper of Romblon. The beach is about 500m long with an estimated width of 18 meters. The shoreline is covered with fine white sand. Because of it's gradually sloping ocean floor, it makes it very safe for children to swim and play into. Across the beach is a little islet, with it's own stretch of fine white sand beach and swimming area. It is accessible by foot during low tide and is quite ideal for a secluded swim.

Palm Beach Garden Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0919) 6437497

Piyapi Beach Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0921) 5312935

Tiamban Aqua Club Beach Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0920) 5848816
Manila Telephone: +(63)(02) 7236710

Diwata Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0920) 7843522

S & L Beach Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0919) 4477862

Sunday, April 13, 2008

North Pandan Island, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Pandan Island
Located on the west coast of Occidental Mindoro, in the coastal town of Sablayan. The southern end of this private island paradise has a beautiful white sand beach with coconuts and other tropical trees. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the coral reefs surrounding Pandan or around the nearby Apo Reef is the most popular and exciting activity for the visitors of the island.

Pandan Island Resort offers roomy cottages supplied with electricity from the sun. There is a restaurant and a beach bar. Visitors can go scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kayaking. Shiatsu massage is also available. Under French management.

Cellphone: +(63)(0919) 3057821
Manila Telephone: +(63)(02) 5237007

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Parang Beach, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Parang Beach
A gray sand beach with clean and clear water. It is located 15 minutes southeast of Calapan City. Parang beach has the most ideal setting for the best seaside dining experience in Calapan offered by world-class resorts.

Parang Beach Resort
+(63)(043) 2886120
+(63)(043) 2885483
+(63)(043) 2884019
+(63)(043) 2885724

La Concynrich Resort
+(63)(043) 2867318
+(63)(043) 2888428

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Balite Beach, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Calapan Beach
The beach is located in Barangay Balite, just 10 minutes away from Calapan City proper. It's shallow waters is ideal for water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, pedal boating and fishing. During low tide, the exposed sand can extend to a hundred meters from the normal shoreline exposing the natural coral formations of Balite Bay, making it possible to stroll along these areas for the perfect beach combing experience. Balite Bay also gives a splendid view of both sunrise and sunset.

El Pueblo Rhizort, Mahal na Pangalan
+(63)(043) 2885437
+(63)(043) 2881818

Anahaw Island View Resort, Balite
+(63)(043) 2888260
+(63)(043) 2888982
Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 5237845
+(63)(02) 5268348
+(63)(0917) 3210503

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