Thursday, March 13, 2008

White Beach, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

White Beach
Not to be confused with another white sand beach with the same name located in Batanes, this beach is fronting the Batangas Strait.

White Beach is the place to be if one is looking for fun beach activities like banana boat rides, jet skiing and snorkeling. There is a good snorkeling area just a short boat ride off the beach coast for a first hand look at the beautiful marine life. It also has one of the liveliest nightlife among the Puerto Galera beaches with it's ten or so beach bars, mainly on weekends. During the summer months of April and May, accommodations could shoot up to 3 or 4 times the regular prices.

Warning: the water gets very deep a few meters from the shore. Too deep for children and non-swimmers.

Manolo's Lodge
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 6096072

Sheryll's Inn
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 9877358

Buena Lynne's
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 4893630

Traveller's Beach Delight
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 4911848

Cherry's Inn
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 7888239

Lenly's Beach Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0918) 2720775

Orchid's Lodge
Cellphone: +(63)(0918) 2720775

South of the Border Resort
Telephone: +(63)(043) 7272791

Agbing's Beach Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 7953899

Las Villas del Natividad Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 4820505

White Beach Nipa Hut
Cellphone: +(63)(0918) 2720774

White Beach Lodge
Cellphone: +(63)(0927) 3163602

Lodger's Nook
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 8377478

Summer Connection
Cellphone: +(63)(0919) 3267782

Jun Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 3950295

Simon's Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 4565491

White Coral Garden Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0912) 8433064

White Beach Resort
Cellphone: +(63)(0918) 2720774

Mindorinne Oriental
Cellphone: +(63)(0917) 4426929

Marco Vincent Resort
Manila Telephone: +(63)(02)8136329
Cellphone: +(63)(0915) 5312615

Apartelle de Francesca
Telephone: +(63)(043) 4420056
Cellphone: +(63)(0916) 7373086

Gray Wall Resort
Telephone: +(63)(043) 2873114
Manila Telephone: +(63)(02) 3381002
Cellphone: +(63)(0916) 5548088

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