Saturday, March 29, 2008

Talipanan Beach, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Talipanan Beach
Joining seamlessly with Aninuan Beach in the long stretch of bay, west of Puerto Galera is Talipanan Beach. Like Aninuan, it also has a serene and relaxed environment. At the far end of Talipanan are big and beautiful rock formations. If you want to have some private time, you can go and swim there with your friend/s. There are just a few cottages and hostels to choose from but they are generally cheaper compared to the ones in the very popular White Beach.

Mengie's White Sand Beach Resort
+(63)(0916) 3000068
+(63)(0920) 4032173

Bamboo House
+(63)(0917) 5620992

El Canonero Mariveles Beach Resort
+(63)(0916) 6600227
+(63)(0916) 4175125
+(63)(0916) 4322430

GM's Resort
+(63)(0917) 7323195
+(63)(0916) 4349299

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gregorio said...

This is definitely MY BEACH!!!

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