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Gasan Beach Resorts, Marinduque, Philippines

All barangays in Gasan are bounded in part by the coastline except the mountainous barangays and thus, this is where most of the beach resorts in Marinduque are located. Gasan town's shores facing west is situated perfectly by the sea with a magnificent view of the sunset over the horizon in a long stretch of white, sandy beach. A perfect place for snorkeling, island-hopping, scuba diving and other water sports.

Club Marinduque & Resorts is located in Pingan, Gasan. Offers airconditioned beachfront cottages, swimming pool, dining facilities, food catering, sports and recreational activities, and conference and meeting facilities.

Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 8341431
+(63)(02) 7294486
+(63)(0917) 5335626

Katala Beach Resort is a quiet resort located four km south of Gasan, in Bacong Bacong. Provides a breathtaking view of the offshore Tres Reyes Islands. It is a big, two-storey building with good rooms and a restaurant.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 333 7117

Casa de Azul is located in Banuyo, seven km east of Gasan. They offer generous, well-furnished rooms in a private holiday home by the sea with full board available. They also have their own swimming pool.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 3341020

Sunset Garden Resort in Pangi, is located two km north of Gasan. They have reasonably priced cottages with verandas, surrounded by friendly grounds with lots of plants. They also have a restaurant and a tennis court.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 3421004

Southwest Bay Resort is in Bacong Bacong, three km south of Gasan. They have very spacious cottages with kitchen, refrigerator, and a big veranda. Highly recommended for big families.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 3337220

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