Friday, January 04, 2008

Donsol Beach, Sorsogon, Philippines

Donsol Beach
The town of Donsol is a one hour drive either from Sorsogon or Legazpi City. It's brown sand beaches are a popular tourist destination because of the hundreds of whale sharks that congregate in it's muddy yet plankton-rich waters. It is nicknamed the "Whale Shark Capital of the World", with the largest number of recorded sightings of whale sharks anywhere in the world. Swimming with whale sharks was featured as the "Best Animal Encounter in Asia" by Time Magazine in 2004. Whale sharks can be seen all-year round except during typhoons, with presence peaking between February and May.

Woodland Beach Resort in Dancalan, Donsol
+(63)(0921) 9699544
+(63)(0918) 2315420

Amor Farm Beach Resort in Dancalan, Donsol
+(63)(056) 4113180
+(63)(056) 4111109
+(63)(0917) 6941687
+(63)(0917) 9682733
+(63)(0910) 4586140
+(63)(0910) 4762176
+(63)(0917) 8233802

Vitton Beach Resort in Dancalan, Donsol
+(63)(0927) 9126313
+(63)(0915) 4203285
+(63)(0917) 8501771

Casa Bianca Resort in Dancalan, Donsol
+(63)(0921) 3687066
+(63)(0906) 3099372
+(63)(0906) 9320457


jennifer said...

We'd like to stay at vitton resort in donsol, but I can find no email address in order to book in advance. we will be there jan 31 to feb 3. Can you help?

takz said...

for those who want to stay in vitton, one can mail me
i am working with vitton and that is a fact what jennifer said they have no email for advanced booking. likewise for those who want infos and everyday sightings here in donsol, it is my pleasure to answer your mails and visit our town with hot and cold shower in vitton. see you guys.......

Amara said...

hi jennifer, this is the official contact informations for both Vitton and Woodland Beach Resorts:

Vitton and Woodland Beach Resorts - are the premier resorts in the area, both can boast of having the largest and homiest rooms within a 100km radius. Both resorts are strategically located, adjacent to the Visitor's Center, the launch point to a most memorable wildlife interactive experience (swimming with the whale sharks). Most interactions occur just in front of the resorts not farther than 2 km off-shore. To many, the experience of swimming with the whale sharks opens up their adventurous selves and often leads to a greater appreciation of the sea, of wildlife and of ecology in general. (see us at and!/pages/Donsol-Sorsogon-Philippines/Vitton-and-Woodland-Beach-Resorts/43168717349?ref=sgm. Contact 09279126313, 09216904399, and +63 0921 929 3811. [].

zoe said...


I'm studying the possibility of staying 1 to 3 mos. in the Philippines and now in the process of deciding where to stay. I'm considering Donsol to be my home base. Is there any special discount on rooms for a long term visitor in any of these Hotels cited?

Cagayan de Oro Philippines said...

Donsol is a known part in Sorsogon, but I haven't visited it yet. I'm aiming for a nice vacation there. Soon.

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