Sunday, December 16, 2007

San Fabian Beach, Pangasinan, Philippines

San Fabian Beach

The San Fabian White Beach is just outside the town of San Fabian, situated just a few km north-east of Dagupan. From Nibaliw West to Bolasi stretches the crystal-clear waters of White Beach, formerly known as Center Beach. Like all beaches in the Lingayen Gulf, the sand here is not very white, but powdery gray. Watching the sunset over the horizon is a favorite pastime of beach goers here. There are plenty of resorts nearby and on the undeveloped beaches of Bolasi and Alacan.

Lazy "A" Resort have good accomodations. The more expensive cottages have two bedrooms and cooking facility. A restaurant and a swimming pool is available.

Telephone: +(63)(075) 5515014

At Sierra Vista Beach Resort, the cottages are solidly built and pleasantly furnished. A restaurant and a swimming pool is available.

Telephone: +(63)(075) 5512023

San Fabian PTA Beach Resort in Bolasi have tastefully furnished rooms and the suite is spacious. This resort was once the Presidential resthouse of the late President Ferdinand Marcos when he was travelling through northern Luzon.

Telephone: +(63)(075) 5236504


Anonymous said...

IS there anythingelse beach resorts here in san fabian,?
something cheaper but good place, clean... something like that?

Anonymous said...

Could you please also include their entrance fees plus the cottages. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

is there any number of Lazy A resort that I can contact them the number posted at this website is not able. hope that you can send me the new number. You send it thru this email address. or Hoping that I can have any response from you thank you very much.

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