Monday, December 05, 2005

Sabang Beach, Aurora, Philippines

Sabang Beach
Found in the eastern part of Baler town. This long stretch of gray sand beach with glassy waves left and right in the early mornings is a good site for beginners and novice surfers alike. Lindy's Point, found further north along Sabang beach, is a secret spot among the local surfers. Several resorts offer accommodations near the beachfront and provide food, relaxation, and respite for swimmers and surfers. Some also offer surfing lessons and rents out surfing, windsurfing and snorkeling equipment, as well as tours to the best surfing, snorkeling and diving areas.

Update (12-04-07):
From March through June, the waves are relatively calm providing a good beachfront for swimmers and an excellent challenge for expert windsurfers. The months from October to February bring in the large waves for beginner surfers to learn the basics with relative safety from scratches, since most of the beach is sandy- bottomed.

AMCO Beach Resort is a low-rise colonial style building. Facilities include private bathrooms and different types of bedrooms. As one of the biggest resorts around, AMCO is ideal for conferences and conventions.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 2094209

Bay's Inn, formerly known as Ocean View, is arguably the most popular resort in Sabang. Boasts of panoramic views of Baler Bay, the Pacific Ocean and surrounding cliffs and beaches. It remains a favorite among foreign guests and out-of-town surfers. The resort has accommodations for up to 32 guests and a restaurant that serves a maximum of 70 people. They also rent surfboards and boogie boards.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 2094312

Angara Beach Resort in Sabang, Baler.
Cellphone: +(63)(0928) 7378771

Oasis of Baler Resort in Sabang, Baler.
Cellphone: +(63)(0918) 6676749

Surfer's Inn in Sabang, Baler.
Cellphone: +(63)(0921) 7794036

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