Monday, December 12, 2005

Puting Buhangin Beach, Quezon, Philippines

Puting Buhangin Beach
One of the famous beaches dotting along the coastal towns of the province. Puting Buhangin, which literally means "white sand" beach, is located at Pagbilao Grande, Pagbilao, Quezon. A pure white sand beach, with crystal-clear and calm waters. The white sand beach stretches 70 meters long and 10 meters wide. A small cave is found at one end of the beach. It is a favorite site of swimmers in Pagbilao during the summer months.

Update (12-04-07):
As far as I know, the island doesn't have a resort erected there. However, there are resorts in Sariaya that can take you.

Marina Azul Beach Resort is one of the newest beach resorts in the stretch of beaches along Tayabas Bay in Sariaya, Quezon. There are also trips to the white sand area of Pagbilao Grande Island as part of an island hopping adventure they organize for their overnight and daytour guests.

Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 6876139
+(63)(02) 6876136

Monday, December 05, 2005

Casapsapan Beach, Aurora, Philippines

Casapsapan Beach
White sandy beaches, clear- blue sparkling waters, densely wooded shores - a paradise waiting to be discovered. A bay nearly enclosed by the Casiguran landmass and the cape of San Ildefonso. An ideal spot for windsurfing should facilities become available. Many foreigners have taken advantage of the natural placidity, having built vacation homes along the coast.

Update (12-04-07):
Nini's Beach Resort in Esteves, Casiguran.
Cellphone: +(63)(0921) 2453776

Rachel Beach Resort in Esteves, Casiguran.
Cellphone: +(63)(0920) 5236668

Zack Beach Resort in Tinib, Casiguran.
Cellphone: +(63)(0919) 5378488

Ampere Beach, Aurora, Philippines

Ampere Beach

This beach located in Dipaculao is covered for several kilometers with smooth rocks in varied sizes, white grainy sands, crushed corals and numerous seashells. The crystal clear blue waters has a variety of undersea flora and fauna for divers and snorkelers.

Update (12-04-07):
Ocean River View Resort in Brgy. Lobbot, Dipaculao, Aurora.
Cellphone: +(63)(0920) 8668485

Digisit Beach, Aurora, Philippines

Digisit Beach
A white coral beach found in Barangay Zabali, Aurora. Digisit beach stretches to about a kilometer in length. The coral reef is alive with different species of marine life which makes it ideal for diving and snorkeling. There are dozens of little resorts or inns in the area that cater to local and foreign tourists alike.

Update (12-04-07):
Digisit Beach stretches to about a kilometer in length. The upper landward shore is mostly sand, while the water shores are barricades of corals forming a protective reef that prevents strong waves of the Pacific from smashing onto the shore.

Sabang Beach, Aurora, Philippines

Sabang Beach
Found in the eastern part of Baler town. This long stretch of gray sand beach with glassy waves left and right in the early mornings is a good site for beginners and novice surfers alike. Lindy's Point, found further north along Sabang beach, is a secret spot among the local surfers. Several resorts offer accommodations near the beachfront and provide food, relaxation, and respite for swimmers and surfers. Some also offer surfing lessons and rents out surfing, windsurfing and snorkeling equipment, as well as tours to the best surfing, snorkeling and diving areas.

Update (12-04-07):
From March through June, the waves are relatively calm providing a good beachfront for swimmers and an excellent challenge for expert windsurfers. The months from October to February bring in the large waves for beginner surfers to learn the basics with relative safety from scratches, since most of the beach is sandy- bottomed.

AMCO Beach Resort is a low-rise colonial style building. Facilities include private bathrooms and different types of bedrooms. As one of the biggest resorts around, AMCO is ideal for conferences and conventions.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 2094209

Bay's Inn, formerly known as Ocean View, is arguably the most popular resort in Sabang. Boasts of panoramic views of Baler Bay, the Pacific Ocean and surrounding cliffs and beaches. It remains a favorite among foreign guests and out-of-town surfers. The resort has accommodations for up to 32 guests and a restaurant that serves a maximum of 70 people. They also rent surfboards and boogie boards.

Telephone: +(63)(042) 2094312

Angara Beach Resort in Sabang, Baler.
Cellphone: +(63)(0928) 7378771

Oasis of Baler Resort in Sabang, Baler.
Cellphone: +(63)(0918) 6676749

Surfer's Inn in Sabang, Baler.
Cellphone: +(63)(0921) 7794036

Anilao Beach, Batangas, Philippines

Anilao Beach
It's totally clean blue waters can prove alluring to swimmers. Located in Mabini, Batangas, considered the summer mecca of diving fanatics. Scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, sailing, and wind surfing are popular activities. World windsurfing competitions have been held in Anilao. There are a number of resorts in the area that offer accommodations and diving facilities, plus the services of training clubs that provide courses on diving.

Update (12-03-07):
One can hire thatched bamboo rafts with tables and benches which are anchored some distance out from the beach and serves as good platforms for swimming and snorkeling.

Vistamar Beach Resort in San Jose, is reasonably priced. Some rooms have balconies where guests can enjoy the view of the beach, air-conditioning, cable television, mini-bar with refrigerator and hot and cold water shower with bathtub. Vistamar also offers non-smoking rooms for guests who wanted to breathe the sea breeze at its best.

+(63)(0917) 5044831
Paranaque Telephone:
+(63)(02) 8218332
+(63)(02) 8238265
+(63)(02) 8211692
+(63)(02) 8238251

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Matabungkay Beach, Batangas, Philippines

Matabungkay Beach

A five-kilometer long brown sand beach situated in the town of Lian, Batangas facing the China Sea. Popular among local and foreign tourist alike. It's clear waters ideal for water sports such as swimming, boating, yachting, fishing and skin diving. Along the shoreline are several summer cottages. Excursions are offered by local boatmen to Fortune Island, an uninhabited isle off the coast. It is possible to hire floating bamboo picnic huts anchored out over the reef, which is a good base for snorkeling and partying.

Update (12-02-07):
Matabungkay has the popular beach resorts near to Manila, so on weekends, there are lots of people.

Twins Beach Resort provides a family-style accomodation with good, well-kept rooms. The German managed resort also have it's own restaurant.

+(63)(0917) 2782121
+(63)(0916) 5989162

Coral Beach Club is an Australian managed attractive little place. Offers hospitable rooms, a restaurant and swimming pool.

+(63)(0917) 9014635
+(63)(0919) 8220383

Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel offers extensive, well-maintained grounds with good rooms,the expensive ones with refrigerator and TV. There is a restaurant available, a swimming pool and a tennis court.

+(63)(0917) 8341269
+(63)(0919) 5400265
Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 7525252
+(63)(02) 8193080
+(63)(02) 7516683 to 85
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Lago De Oro Beach Club in Balibago, has extensive grounds about 5 km south of Matabungkay, on the road to Calatagan. The restaurant serves Italian and Filipino food. Also has a swimming pool and facilities for diving. Their main attraction is lake where one can enjoy water skiing.

+(63)(0917) 5042685
+(63)(0926) 7104754
Matabungkay Telephone:
+(63)(043) 2132006

Punta Baluarte Resort is an upscale resort about 10 km south of Matabungkay. It has a restaurant, swimming pool, riding and tennis courts. This resort was renovated in September 2004.

Manila Telephone:
+(63)(02) 8924202
+(63)(02) 8994546
+(63)(02) 8195688

Nasugbu Beach, Batangas, Philippines

Nasugbu Beach
Some of the Philippines' finest beaches can be found in Nasugbu, Batangas. With it's clear blue waters, coves and white sands are Ampay, Baklas Point, Bamboo, Jamilo Cove, Maya-Maya, Natipuan, Pinamaltakan, Pinagdakutan, Punta Buri, Punta Fuego, Taytayeng Munti, Tali and White Sands. Resorts along the shore, provide comfortable accomodations and dining facilities. The cove gardens of Maya-maya Beach will surely delight diving enthusiasts. With a variety of colorful marine life, it is one of the Philippines' best dive sites.

Update (12-02-07):
You can find the better beaches at Nasugbu at about three to four km to the north. It can be reached by banca boat from Nasugbu or Wawa.

Maryland Beach Resort on the coastal road in Nasugbu. Has double cottages and more expensive air-con rooms, a large swimming pool and its own restaurant.

Nasugbu Telephone:
+(63)(043) 2162277
+(63)(043) 9310267
Malolos, Bulacan Telephone:
+(63)(044) 6625204
+(63)(0922) 8632950
+(63)(0922) 8632951
+(63)(0922) 8632952
+(63)(0917) 4101366
+(63)(0916) 6941965

Nicole Beach Resort in Natipuan
+(63)(0919) 7747662
+(63)(0918) 9444074

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