Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nasugbu Beach, Batangas, Philippines

Nasugbu Beach
Some of the Philippines' finest beaches can be found in Nasugbu, Batangas. With it's clear blue waters, coves and white sands are Ampay, Baklas Point, Bamboo, Jamilo Cove, Maya-Maya, Natipuan, Pinamaltakan, Pinagdakutan, Punta Buri, Punta Fuego, Taytayeng Munti, Tali and White Sands. Resorts along the shore, provide comfortable accomodations and dining facilities. The cove gardens of Maya-maya Beach will surely delight diving enthusiasts. With a variety of colorful marine life, it is one of the Philippines' best dive sites.

Update (12-02-07):
You can find the better beaches at Nasugbu at about three to four km to the north. It can be reached by banca boat from Nasugbu or Wawa.

Maryland Beach Resort on the coastal road in Nasugbu. Has double cottages and more expensive air-con rooms, a large swimming pool and its own restaurant.

Nasugbu Telephone:
+(63)(043) 2162277
+(63)(043) 9310267
Malolos, Bulacan Telephone:
+(63)(044) 6625204
+(63)(0922) 8632950
+(63)(0922) 8632951
+(63)(0922) 8632952
+(63)(0917) 4101366
+(63)(0916) 6941965

Nicole Beach Resort in Natipuan
+(63)(0919) 7747662
+(63)(0918) 9444074


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hi! can you recommend a resort or lodging in Natipuan beach? i've seen pictures of this beautiful beach but could not find any information on accommodations. thanks!

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the pictures looked way too old...if maryland beach resort still look same...i think it should not be considered first class as they claim

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nice to know about this. Our family is planning to to have vacation in Philippines. We are searching for the beach resort somewhere in Tagaytay or Batangas.

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hi! i think maryland update their website.. try to check it again to see the new pictures...

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nice post :D
very informative

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