Saturday, November 12, 2005

Iba Beach, Zambales, Philippines

Iba Beach
Eight kilometers of clean gray sand beach and a kilometer of it along the shore coral reef formation. The beautiful beach resorts that line along the shore of Iba is also an attraction to foreign visitors and local tourists where clean water and fresh fish are abundant. Located in Iba, the capital town of the province of Zambales. It is also the beach capital of Region III. The mode of transportation in going to the various barangays in Iba is by means of tricycle or by jeep and other motorized vehicles such as cars and non-motorized vehicles like bicycle. Since some of the roads in the municipality of Iba are now passable, traveling is much more enjoyable.

Update (12-05-07):
Probably the best beach around Iba is the one behind the airstrip.

White Castle Beach Resort is located in Brgy. Dingin, Iba, Zambales, with fine sand beach and crystal clear waters, clean and safe.

Cellphone: +(63)(0910) 3112110
Telephone: +(63)(047) 8112986

Palmera Garden Hotel and Beach Resort is located at the 208 km road marker North of Iba. Accomodations offered are beach cottages, standard, airconditioned, VIP, and family rooms. They have a good restaurant and swimming pool.

Cellphone:+(63)(0917) 4641377
Telephone:+(63)(047) 8112109

Lindamar By The Sea in Bangantalinga, offers rustically furnished rooms, restaurant, and billiards.

Cellphone:+(63)(0917) 4263836
Telephone:+(63)(047) 8112969

Tammy's Beach Resort also in Bangantalinga, offers basic but clean rooms with TV. Three-storey building with billiards on the roof. Also have an inexpensive restaurant.

Telephone:+(63)(047) 8112965

Bakasyunan sa Baybay Dagat offers a lot of amenities such as adult and kiddie pools, team building facilities, karoake, conference rooms, billiards, mini golf, fishing lagoon. The resort was recognized as one of the Top Five Best Landscaped Resorts of Iba, Zambales in April, 2008.

+(63)(0919) 7608848
+(63)(0917) 8302776
+(63)(0919) 6760445
+(63)(047) 6030220
+(63)(047) 8113234


Tanya R. said...

i've actually been to lindamar and it's not so bad (rooms are okay and affordable). and the owners are nice! the german guy was intimidating at first but he turned out to be a funny guy.

Maffi Pulos said...

Lindamar is okay, I think the guy is french, he's a nice guy. he's wife linda is a fantastic lady

Anonymous said...

i've been to lindamar by the sea...and my experience was nice...

i've been there because the owner of the resort is the aunt of my cousin's husband...

the rooms are okay, everything was nice... :)

Anonymous said...

lindamar by the sea never been there but i know the owner because i met them before long time ago abroad !!! cant say enough about the resort but im sure they are nice couple and the owner is french with filipina wife. maybe see them whem im on holiday to manila see you aida en christian if u can still remember me!!!anonymous netherlands

Anonymous said...

One day I'll wash-up upon your shore, then that will be the day I'll consider myself home.

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