Friday, November 04, 2005

Di-atay Beach, Batanes, Philippines

A beautiful cove with multi-colored rocks and white sand. Ideal for picnics and beach combing. It's big waves rams against limestone rocks, crashes onto shores and laps on an incredible beach overlaid with smooth stones. On fine days it froths. Rolling, it can send waves thirty feet to the crest. Di-atay beach is located along the national highway between Mahatao and Ivana; 9.85 kilometers from Basco.


Anonymous said...

hi ice,

did you get the number of pater beach resort? hope you post it or text to me 09286610099.


Anonymous said...

We are on a not so tight budget but we want to have fun this summer, I tried to check some resort in bolinao and potipot. can you recommend? I will be spending summer with friends and my son... please send me a e-mail to

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